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We also have the added advantage of an in-house, state-of-the-art, stainless steel fabrication/manufacturing unit, where we produce made to order/custom built kitchen equipment; maintaining a very religiously observed quality control, meeting all the stringent specifications and parameters demanded by our discerning clients.

AL BARQ KITCHENS FACTORY – A Division of Binjabr Group

Our Fabrication unit is successfully catering bespoke units to the Middle East, Africa & Asian market for over 30 years.

“Good food starts with a Hygiene kitchen“ - And the fundamentals of a good kitchen start at Our Bespoke Units.

With more than a decade of experience in the stainless steel equipment industry, we have had the time to develop a wide range of products and services. We have the potential to cater to every need, offering a variety of kitchen equipment ranging from simple sorting tables, hot cupboards, neutral cupboards, over-shelves, wall shelves, sinks, hood canopies, ambient counters, heated counters, refrigerated counters, to every other decorative accessory, and of course, our specialty – custom made font of house counters and canopies. You can also depend upon our expertise in project planning and implementation, for example if you require the provision of detailed elevation and fabrication drawings. At Al Barq Kitchen, the promise of quality and reliability is not an empty boast. To the contrary, it is a serious commitment made by all of our workers and managers. We give the same careful attention to equipment we manufacture to any client.

We use the products of a range of international firms, such as Kason Hardware of the UK, T&S,Klarco,MBH International of the USA, Dynabrade of Europe, in order to bring you the best possible product. But the real proof of our commitment to quality lies in the fact that, thanks to our satisfied customers, We has come to be respected as one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen equipment in the Middle East, Africa and Asia

Al Barq Kitchen Factory, we are focused on and committed to the successful delivery of any project we undertake.

Al Barq Kitchens Factory has over 30 years of expertise and has obtained international industrial certification (ISO 9001:2008). We are proud of all the projects we have delivered and look forward to delivering future quality projects in partnership with our clients.

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Crown Plaza – Dubai Marina
Anantara Downtown Dubai
Warner Bros Abu Dhabi
Paris Sorbonne -Abu Dhabi
Midfield Airport
Jadaf Rotana
Holiday Inn 7 Stay Bridges DWTC

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