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Quality Policy

EKE’s philosophy, “Quality without compromise”, is our proven formula to success. What started off, as a modest outfit with just a handful of people, today after 29 years has propelled into a major organization of repute, arguably the best in the region, largely due to our determination and hard work that has earned us a reputation that is hard to match.

Even though a number of reasons come to mind about the success of EKE, one major factor that stands out is our dedicated team who plan and carry out the implementation. EKE attaches a great deal of strategic importance to its people and a major reason for our success can safely be attributed to our proficient, experienced employees, most of whom have been with us since inception. The management team brings a wealth of experience, with a commitment and a single- minded determination to succeed. Setting a standard is not easy, but not impossible too, whereas maintaining this consistently is what sets a leader apart. While achieving its goals, the company has crossed several milestones over these years to emerge as an entity of renown whose valuable customers know that if they want food service and laundry equipment of renowned international brands, EKE is the place to step in.

When a client decides in favor of our products, they are getting much more than just equipment, they are getting a variety of durable & well known international brands and an assurance of enduring quality with a back up service throughout. Be it the brands we supply, the backup services we provide, or the methodology we use, the core of it all lies in one factor – quality. The business we are involved in is a constantly changing one. We have never believed in resting on our laurels, which is why we have always paved the way for others in the market to follow. In the midst of stiff competition, we continue to strive to bring newer and more advanced products to enhance efficiency and keep up with the changing demands of our valued customers. Thus today we can proudly associate our self with major  ongoing projects in the country as one of the largest suppliers of kitchen & laundry equipment to the hospitality industry.

Health & Safety Policy

Emirates Kitchen Equipment recognizes that good management includes all matters and ensures that personnel protection is part of all decision, policies and practices. It is committed to promoting and supporting a culture where harm to our people and the environment through our work activities is unacceptable. 

  • Emirates Kitchen Equipment will comply with all of its legal duties in respect of providing safe and healthy working conditions for all employees ensuring that all relevant legislation is adhered to. Emirates Kitchen Equipment shall take positive action to ensure that our works does not directly or indirectly affect the neighbors, sub-contractors, or the public, in doing so control & monitoring processes & procedures shall be developed in accordance with the nature & scale of risks associated with the activities conducted within operations. 
  • The company will co-operate with all those with an interest in Health, Safety and Welfare, others employers, customers, sub-contractors and the relevant regulatory authorities. 
  • The company will provide adequate financial support to enable full and effective implementation of this policy. The company shall also provide adequate resources required to efficiently  implement improvement objectives that may arise during the implementation of its health & safety management system. 
  • The company will ensure that all persons are competent to carry out the duties asked of them, and will provide all information, instructions, supervisions, and necessary training. 
  • The company will ensure that all persons are consulted on matters of Health, Safety and Welfare and will encourage positive employee participation, specifically the active identification of improvement opportunities. 
  • The company considers the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees to be prime importance to the company, essential to the  operation of its undertaking and a management responsibility of equal importance to production and quality.
  • The company is committed to a proactive approach to accident prevention in order To achieve continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Welfare performance.
  • Develop safety and environmental awareness across the globe by continuous education and training of all staff, employees and visitors.
Our Projects

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Crown Plaza – Dubai Marina
Anantara Downtown Dubai
Warner Bros Abu Dhabi
Paris Sorbonne -Abu Dhabi
Midfield Airport
Jadaf Rotana
Holiday Inn 7 Stay Bridges DWTC

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